ABSOLUT - Create a better tomorrow tonight!


ABSOLUT believes that each of us has the ability to create a better tomorrow and to bring a positive impact to the world. For us, a better tomorrow is a world where all humans are equal no matter where they are from. A world in which everyone is allowed to express their true selves. And people are free to love who they chose.

Follow your own choices and don't be restricted by the opinions of others.

Dare yourself; "What if?"

Dare to love.

Dare to stand out.

Dare to be you.

Come to the Dare side of life.

Nobody's perfect. But everybody is special. What's important is that you fully realize your potential and offer it to the world. In order to do that, you have to follow your instinct and stop holding back your dreams, your aspirations, your way of expressing yourself.

ABSOLUT inspires people in Cyprus to dare to live their life to the full, because we believe that this is the only way to a better, more honest world. To that purpose, we merged our values with the artistic expression of 4 Cypriot artists to start a local campaign and share these values with you.

Give it a shot!




If they're gonna stare, give them something to stare at. That was the thinking behind my illustration. Be bold and be beautifully unique in your own skin. Don't hide your body, wear that extra eyeliner, don't conform to society. My characters accepted their individuality and made it their asset to shine through the crowd.

The shape of the bottle is formed by the girl's hair.

I chose to use 2 mermen in love for 2 reasons. Cyprus is the birthplace of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite and the lost city of Atlantis, is believed to be submerged just off the coast of our island. I couldn't think of a more appropriate depiction of love than 2 mermen.

The shape of the bottle is formed with their hands touching.


In a world of tons of information we tend to forget to create, to inspire, to live and be ourselves. The illustration is a representation of young people who think inside the box and don't dare to get out of it. There are 3 figures that have a box for a head, showing their way of thinking and acting, while the 4th figure has fluid shapes and flowers, which wants to communicate that despite the box that society has given us, some of us dare to use their uniqueness to get out of their comfort zone, therefore out of the box.

Love is love. Love is feeling. Love is positive! Love shouldn't be judged. Love is power. Love should make us stronger to fight for equal rights, religions, sexuality and beat the hate that is cultivated in this modern society we live in. You love her, so what?



When you stare - besides being rude, you also by definition being passive. You are watching someone else's life (like on tv) and on some level you are not being you. You cannot be what you are expected to be, just to fit in other people's molds. You have to live your life with passion and intent.


Life's problems and challenges can be overwhelming and scary most of the times. It's like walking on a plain full of traps. But we should always try and confront each one head on even if we fail. We should always have in mind that there is a way out and always look at the bright side, whatever the outcome. And if we fail, always try again, always!

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